Coonley House – Frank Lloyd Wright

The Coonley House, also known as the Coonley Estate or the Coonley Residence, is a historic building located in Riverside, Illinois, just outside of Chicago. It was designed by the famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright and is considered one of his most important works.

The Coonley House was commissioned by Avery Coonley, a wealthy businessman and philanthropist, and his wife, Queene Ferry Coonley. The couple wanted a home that would serve as both a family residence and a place to entertain guests, and Wright was the perfect choice to bring their vision to life.

The Coonley House is a prime example of Wright’s “Prairie School” style of architecture, which is characterized by horizontal lines, flat roofs, and a strong connection to the surrounding landscape. The house is built of brick, with a stucco finish, and is set on a hill overlooking the Des Plaines River.

One of the most striking features of the Coonley House is its use of color and pattern. Wright incorporated vibrant hues of red, yellow, and green throughout the house, using stained glass windows, tiles, and other decorative elements to create a sense of unity and harmony.

The Coonley House is arranged around a central courtyard, which serves as a gathering place for the family and their guests. The main entrance is located on the south side of the house and is marked by a large stained glass window. From the entrance, you can access the living room, dining room, and library, as well as the bedrooms and other private spaces.

One of the most famous rooms in the Coonley House is the playroom, which is located on the second floor and was designed specifically for the Coonleys’ children. The room is filled with natural light and features a built-in toy chest, a fireplace, and a balcony that overlooks the courtyard. Additional Info

In addition to the main house, the Coonley Estate also includes a carriage house, a stable, and a greenhouse. The carriage house was used to store the family’s automobiles and includes a workshop, a garage, and living quarters for the chauffeur. The stable was used to house the family’s horses, and the greenhouse was used to grow flowers and plants for the house. Check Out Next

The Coonley House is a testament to Frank Lloyd Wright’s genius as an architect and his commitment to creating functional and beautiful spaces that reflect the needs and desires of his clients. It is a must-see for anyone interested in architecture or the history of the Prairie School movement. Next